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Vietnam Symposium in Climate Transition 2023

Climate change is a global threat requiring the cooperation of all stakeholders, including governments, corporations, and civil society, to mitigate its harmful impacts and to ensure a just climate transition to a low-carbon, more resource-efficient, and sustainable economy. Under the Paris Agreement and the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), countries are expected to mobilize […]

Macroeconomic Implications of Transitions to Low-Carbon Energy in Vietnam

Our FBNet team successfully secured a GBP90,000 funding support for a 15-month research project on “Macroeconomic Implications of Transitions to Low-Carbon Energy in Vietnam”. The funding is supported by the Climate Compatible Growth (https://climatecompatiblegrowth.com/). Aims This project aims to offer evidence-based insights into the impact of the energy transition on macroeconomic aspects in Vietnam, with a […]