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Macroeconomic Implications of Transitions to Low-Carbon Energy in Vietnam

Our FBNet team successfully secured a GBP90,000 funding support for a 15-month research project on “Macroeconomic Implications of Transitions to Low-Carbon Energy in Vietnam”. The funding is supported by the Climate Compatible Growth ( Aims This project aims to offer evidence-based insights into the impact of the energy transition on macroeconomic aspects in Vietnam, with a […]

Price risk transmissions in the water-energy-food nexus

A publication titled “Price risk transmissions in the water-energy-food nexus: Impacts of climate risks and portfolio implications” on Energy Economics by Trung Le, Linh Pham, and Hung Do Abstract The water-energy-food (WEF) nexus has quickly materialized as a critical factor that could threaten sustainable development goals. To contribute to the understanding of the WEF nexus from an economic perspective, this […]

Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in ASEAN funded by OECD

Our team conducted a desk-research consultancy work on Responsible Business Conduct Practices and Due Diligence Tools in ASEAN countries to support OECD in producing an impactful report on “Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN”. The project done in three months between June and September 2022 was funded by the OECD and contributed directly to the section 3 of the […]

Green bonds and implied volatilities

A publication titled “Green bonds and implied volatilities: Dynamic causality, spillovers, and implication for portfolio management” on Energy Economics by Linh Pham and Hung Do in August 2022 Abstract The long-term and sustainable development focuses of green bond together with its increasing popularity drives the need for a better understanding of its hedging effects against market risks. Our study investigates whether […]

LGBT policy and return comovement

A publication titled “LGBT policy, investor trading behavior, and return comovement” on Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization by Hung Do and co-authors in April 2022 Abstract Investors are attentive to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) topic and a firm’s adoption of LGBT-supportive policy. Using a sample of new LGBT adopters from KLD database, we show that mutual funds with […]