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R package for MIDAS-based VaR and ES forecast

Our member, Dr. Trung Le, provides an R package to perform MIDAS-based VaR and ES forecasting. This package helps to calculate and predict VaR based on the Conditional Autoregressive Value at Risk (CAViaR) model of Engle and Mnagnelli (2004), MIDAS quantile regression of Ghysels et al. (2016). The package can also help to calculate ES […]

R package for Autoregressive Conditional Density Model

Our member, Dr. Trung Le, provides an R package to estimate the Autoregressive Conditional Density Model. There is an introduction to the package written in Vietnamese. You can read more and download the package following the link below. Read More

Which statistical software for econometric analyses?

Our member, Dr. Trung Le, briefly reviews which statistical software can be used in econometrics analyses. The material is written in Vietnamese. Read More

Introduction to Econometrics using R

Our member, Dr. Trung Le has written a short document in Vietnamese to illustrate how to perform linear and non-linear regression using R software. You can read more here: Part 1: Linear Regression using R Part 2: Non-linear Regression using R