Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in ASEAN funded by OECD

Our team conducted a desk-research consultancy work on Responsible Business Conduct Practices and Due Diligence Tools in ASEAN countries to support OECD in producing an impactful report on “Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN”. The project done in three months between June and September 2022 was funded by the OECD and contributed directly to the section 3 of the OECDE master report, which was published in early 2023.

Read full OECD report here.


Southeast Asia is a major recipient of foreign direct investment (#FDI) among emerging regions. This investment created jobs and significantly contributed to #sustainable development in #ASEAN Member States, including upgrading skills and raising living standards. Yet, the benefits of FDI in the region have been inconsistent across economies and societies, and its contribution to renewable energy capacity lags behind that of other regions. In addition, FDI can create risks of irresponsible business practices and worsen income inequality, potentially leaving vulnerable segments of the population behind.
This new #OECD paper, conducted in collaboration with ASEAN, looks at what host governments can do to attract sustainable investment and promote the benefits of investment for social and environmental objectives. By providing a comparative analysis of investment policy reforms and investment promotion priorities, indicators to measure the sustainability impacts of FDI, ways to enable responsible business conduct, and policy initiatives to promote green investment, it aims to support ASEAN Member States in their efforts to implement the sustainable investment component of the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework #ACRF.
Find out more about how countries can:
1. design reforms and strategies to promote #SustainableInvestment:
2. enable #ResponsibleBusinessConduct
3. promote investment for #GreenGrowth

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